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How To Keep Your Washing Machine Sparkling Clean – QA Kitchens in Shropshire

Posted: 11th May 2017

Over time your brand new, shiny washing machine starts to lose it’s newness. Washing Machines also benefit from a thorough clean (imagine the sheer amount of grime, sweat etc that they have to cope with in an average year).

But you don’t need lots of effort or expensive cleaning products to make your washing machine sparkle again.

Distilled Malt Vinegar is the solution  – just pour a cupful into the washing powder drawer and set it on a long wash (doesn’t have to be a hot wash – just long enough for the vinegar to work it’s magic). When it’s finished, your washing machine will literally sparkle.

While we’re talking vinegar, here’s a nifty trick that few people know about.

Adding a little vinegar to your washing powder actually increases the effect of your chosen cleaning products. Add about a third of vinegar to the amount of powder and it will clean your clothes more effectively, especially coloured clothes. The other benefit of using vinegar is that those materials that seem to be magnets for cat and dog fur, when washed in vinegar, don’t seem to allow fur to stick to them again anything like before.

Hope that’s helpful.

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