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The Benefits of Wall-Hung Toilets – QA Bathrooms

Posted: 7th April 2017

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More and more people are opting for wall-hung toilets in their new bathrooms so we thought we’d offer our views on the benefits they bring if you’re thinking of updating your bathroom.

Wall-hung toilets are so-named because the WC pan literally hangs off the wall supported by a frame hidden behind the wall itself. Many people worry initially whether it will be strong enough to take their weight, but in all our years at QA of fitting these, that’s never been a problem.

So, lets take a look at the main benefits of wall-hung WC’s and bathroom equipment.

Easy to clean

The most obvious advantage of the wall-hung WC is the fact it hovers several inches off the floor which means you can easily clean around and underneath it. Unlike more conventional floor standing toilets, there are no nooks and crannies for dust and dirt to get trapped in and no hard to reach places. Even better, there’s no sealant joining it to the floor to discolour over time. Most wall-mounted toilets have smooth sides that are easily wiped clean, and some even include a special antibacterial coating for easy cleaning.

Space efficient 

Wall-mounted toilets are very space efficient because without the extra bulk of an external cistern, they take up much less space. This means they can be placed closer to other bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, or whatever else you are planning for your bathroom. Naturally, you have to account for the space needed to conceal the hidden cistern and frame, but clever planning and the use of stud walls, along with the latest compact designs means that wall-mounted toilets are an excellent option for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms. The fact that they are not sitting on the floor creates the illusion of a more spacious bathroom, and creates more floor space.

Stylish & contemporary 

Style may be subjective, but most people agree that a toilet floating off the wall looks fabulous. They are rapidly becoming the ‘standard’ requirement in new bathrooms because a stylish wall-mounted toilet combined with a beautiful bathroom design always looks great.

Create an open floor

The ranges of bathroom suites that can all be wall mounted includes obviously WC’s but you could opt to go all the way and have your vanity unit and bidet, if required, wall mounted too leaving your entire bathroom floor open and clear which makes a massive difference to the overall look.

Easy maintenance

If you have a problem with your loo, the wall flush plate simply lifts off providing access to the hidden cistern behind so there’s no disadvantage in terms of future maintenance.


When they were first introduced it’s fair to say that wall-hung WC’s were much more expensive that floor standing ones, but as more people buy them, the range available has increased and prices have become much closer to the cost of standard WC’s. You should budget in the extra cost of installation which includes the wall support and new stud wall and if the overall cost is a little too high for your budget, you could consider a back-to-wall WC which creates a similar minimalist style, take up just as little space, but won’t need a support frame and the extra installation costs that go along with it.

If you’d like to know more about how QA can help you achieve your dream bathroom , please call in to our Wellington or Newport showrooms or go to the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website and we’ll take things from there.