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How Does A Digital Shower Benefit You?

Posted: 20th August 2018

The introduction of digital showering brings a new generation of bathroom technology that everyone can enjoy.

Featuring one-touch control and with lights indicating when your exact chosen temperature is reached, this is showering that brings real benefits and a touch of luxury to every home.

Imagine – no more fussing with fiddly dials to get the temperature and flow rate right – you just push the button and the digital processor does it all for you. With a digital remote, you can even turn your shower on without having to reach inside the shower cubicle.

Other key benefits include:

  • contemporary design
  • exact temperature every time you shower
  • perfect water flow
  • safe water temperature for all the family
  • one-touch control
  • easy, quick installation

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Digital showering from QA Bathrooms in Shropshire